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Industrial Relations Policies and Procedures Manual and CD

Easily access employment relationship documentation and contracts that withstand legal scrutiny.
CD can be purchased in its entirety or in part.


  • A simple, step-by-step approach to protect employers at every turn: from the interview process to contract of employment and possible disputes.
  • Tried and tested at the CCMA. The contracts of employment all hold up under legal scrutiny.
  • Support and maintenance : (at an additional fee)
    Updates to the manual are available as and when new legislation comes into existence
    24 hour back-up service
    Assistance with the implementation of the manual


  • It’s comprehensive: The manual covers all issues that could affect an employer or his staff, including maternity legislation, leave requirements, contracts, etc.
  • Easy access: all the tools necessary to equip the employer with legally sound contracts and methods to protect himself and his employees.
  • Autonomy in dealings with staff: The employer can be independent in dealing with what can often be a minefield of private, internal issues.

The Policies and Procedures Manual and CD includes:

  • reference checks for both junior and senior employees
  • temporary contracts of service, letters of appointment for all levels of staff
  • maternity leave application form
  • maternity leave policy
  • annual leave policy
  • study leave policy
  • grievance procedure
  • grievance form
  • disciplinary guidelines for management
  • effective handling of dismissals
  • disciplinary code
  • disciplinary procedure
  • notification of a disciplinary enquiry form
  • written warning form
  • appeal hearing form
  • how to deal with criminal offences committed by employees
  • action to be taken in the event of an employee’s prolonged absence from work
  • retrenchment policy
  • retrenchment procedure
  • retrenchment guidelines
  • how to retrench employees
  • current legal requirements concerning retrenchments
  • pro-forma letter to be given to retrenched employees
  • employee internet usage policy guidelines
  • agreement on confidential information
  • restraint of trade agreement
  • acknowledgement of debt for training course expenses
  • guidelines and policy on dealing with Aids at the workplace
  • certificate of service
  • strike and lock-out agreement
  • recognition and procedure agreement
  • company policy and procedure on sexual harassment
  • submission to arbitration agreement between the company and the union / employee
  • legalities concerning notice periods
  • industrial relations policy
  • industrial relations audit
  • industrial relations handbook for supervisors
  • developing a relationship with and recognition of a trade union
  • wage negotiations checklist of current union demands
  • guidelines for dealing with workstoppages
  • workstoppage and strike contingency plan
  • and more