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Wainwright Labour Law

Wainwright Labour Law provides an immediate and professional service to employers in all employment, industrial relations, labour and CCMA issues in line with all current legislation and industry trends.

Dr Alec Wainwright is an accredited Commissioner at the Commission for Conciliation Mediation & Arbitration (CCMA) where he conducts arbitrations and mediations, and also at Bargaining Councils. He has presented papers at International Conferences and has a 3 year tertiary qualification as well as a Bachelor's, Honour's, Master's, and Doctor's degrees in African Languages, several of which he speaks fluently. He has been an expert witness before the Supreme Court and has served as a Chairman of Conciliation Boards, mediator and on a Commission of Inquiry into industrial unrest. His entire working life has been in the field of industrial relations; personally assisting companies with advice or direct facilitation in labour and employment issues.

Wainwright Labour Law can assist companies needing to dismiss or retrench employees, by fulfilling stringent procedural correctness and substantive fairness requirements; to obviate the Labour Court awarding employees up to 24 month's salary as compensation for unfair dismissal.

Dr Wainwright is au fait with changes in employment legislation and assists with mandatory legal requirements such as Employment Equity Act and Skills Development Levy Reports.

Wainwright's services include:
  1. Formulation of disciplinary enquiry charges
  2. Chairing of disciplinary hearings
  3. Conducting audits of company policies and procedures
  4. Recognition agreement and union negotiations on wages and service conditions
  5. Immediate advisory service on any labour and employment issues
  6. Conducting retrenchments and dismissals to obviate costly CCMA and Labour Court awards being made against an employer
  7. Industrial Relations training courses
  8. Assisting with mandatory legislative requirements

Current Developments

Procedural Correctness and Substantive Fairness in Dismissals